The Professional Dancers Society, Inc.
is a non-profit corporation formed to serve the professional dancer, active and inactive.  There is no separation between ballet, Broadway, television, cabaret, motion pictures, etc.

A career in dance has never been easy, and those who choose to pursue this artform know the effort, dedication and sacrifices are enormous. Like that of a fine athlete, the career is also comparatively short-lived. Acquiring the name GYPSY, though fraught with romantic connotations, is characterized by the simple fact: to make a living, dancers must go where the work is. Hence, most dancers belong to an assortment of theatrical unions, and exceedingly few qualify for the Motion Picture Home when the need arises. To fill this need, PDS was created. Now, PDS has joined forces with THE ACTORS' FUND OF AMERICA, a national organization dedicated to the welfare of all entertainment professionals. Together, PDS hopes to achieve the goals long needed of low income housing, retirement and nursing facilities for all dancers.

You may contact us by EMAIL or by phone 310 278 5222