The Professional Dancers Society, Inc.
was a non-profit corporation formed to serve the professional dancer, active and inactive.  There is no separation between ballet, Broadway, television, cabaret, motion pictures, etc.


To Our Dear Dancers and Friends,

It is with great sadness that we must announce that the Professional Dancers Society is shutting its doors and closing down after 40 years.

There's a long story as to why this is happening, but in short it came down to the heavy combination of a lack of funds coming in, the loss of too many key players in its management, an office relocation, the increasing difficulty in putting up the Gypsy Awards Luncheon, and ultimately having to give less and less money each year to the Actors Fund to support the dancers. So in a recent meeting of the Board of Directors it was decided that it was time to take a bow.

We want to thank you all for your time, generosity, support and love over the years. We've had some terrific fun and did some good, and it's all because of you! We wish we could do one more luncheon to do this properly, or at least one last Gypsy Chorus Newsletter, but we just couldn't swing it. We're sure some of you will have ideas on how PDS could stay afloat, or what it could become, and while we appreciate all your ideas, this is done. We are so sorry for how abruptly this is happening. We'll have you all in our hearts, as we know we'll be in yours.

In the coming month we'll be packing up what's left and sending the remainder of the bank account to the Actors Fund. And of course, we will be in the office for the time being to answer any questions.

It's the end of an era, but you made it a great one!

All our love,

Joni and Mitzi